“We could not have achieved this level of success without Larry’s help. He has added tremendous value through out the journey.  Larry is one of my most trusted advisors.”



Paul Williams
President & Founder
Isite Design Inc.

(5 Consecutive Years Named one of Oregon’s Fastest Growing Private Companies)



“Larry has been our financial guide as we transformed the company and fought through the worst recession in decades.  Convergence is stronger than it has ever been.”



Dave Murray
CEO Convergence Networks

(Multiple Years named one of Oregon 100 Best Companies to work for)

What is keeping your company from realizing its financial goals?

Most small business owners work very hard. It can be highly frustrating when that work does not translate into the level of business and financial success that is possible.

Hi, I’m Larry Willeman, the owner of Willeman Strategy Partners. For the past 25 years I’ve worked in and with technology and new economy style companies to strengthen their financial performance.  Since founding WSP in 2002, I’ve helped numerous businesses in the Pacific Northwest reach new levels of financial and business success.

Do you have these issues?

  1. Do you lack confidence when making high impact financial and business decisions?
  2. Do you have the information and analysis needed to manage the financial results of your business?
  3. Do you have a trusted adviser with whom you can share your most serious business concerns?
  4. Do you get “blindsided” by financial surprises?
  5. Do customers pay “when they get around to it” or not at all?

All growing companies need to manage cash flow so that business decisions are based on “is this the right decision for our company?” rather than “do we have the cash to pay for this?”. Companies need to establish the pattern and discipline of consistent growing profitability.

These kind of financial results aren’t going to happen accidentally. There are three things you must have in place to realize your financial goals.

1. Financial controls that ensure healthy cash flow.

2. Ability to make complex financial decisions every day.

3. Financial plans designed to reach your business goals.

Your efforts, and the limited resources of your company, need to be focused where they can make the most impact. But when you’re running the day-to-day operations of your business, it’s hard to keep your eye on the financial ball. It’s easy to let things slip, often with disastrous consequences.

So how do you greatly increase the odds that you reach your business goals? Not having to learn everything the hard way makes higher levels of success possible, and even makes your life more manageable.

It can make a huge difference getting sound coaching and guidance from someone who has been there before. You need the expertise of an experienced CFO who can have tremendous impact on the health and overall viability of your company.

However, the vast majority of small companies do not have the resources or demands that justify hiring an experienced full time CFO. Or you have a solid financial team but need guidance from a seasoned business person that has seen and successfully managed through a wide range of business challenges.

What Willeman Strategy Partners does is join your team as a “player/coach” both performing the CFO function while providing mentoring and guidance to the business owner. And instead of working with you full time, we join your leadership team on a part-time basis with involvement each week.

Working with companies this way, we’ve helped our clients fight through one of the worst recessions in decades.  All of the clients I have supported the last few years have survived the downturn and nearly every one of them is thriving as the economy recovers.

To get a sample of the issues we work with companies to improve, read the article “9 Financial Mistakes that can Kill Your Business”. Click here to get free access to the article.

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