“Larry has been invaluable to our company.  Since joining our management team, Larry has stabilized our financial and business practices and has helped us manage cash flow and profitability better than ever before.  His involvement has given us the ability and opportunity to grow the company with confidence.”



Per Casey

President and CEO

Tenrec Inc.









“Larry has substantially improved my company’s bottom line.  Having him on the team helps me sleep better at night.”



Hau Lam
President & CEO

The ways we structure our programs to meet your needs

Business Success Program
(aka part time CFO)

Summary description:
Hands on member of your management team on a part time basis.  Both “fishing and teaching to fish”.  Directly involved in driving the company’s financial health and reaching the company’s goals over an extended period of time.

Ultimate Outcome:
Increased profitability, stronger cash flow and company valuation, and the ability to grow your company with confidence.

Features & Benefits:
Hands on involvement each week managing and solving a host of financial and business issues your company will face.  The stress level of the business owner(s) and managers typically goes down substantially.  Financial results improve and there is a clear understanding of what determines the financial success of the company.

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Financial Accelerator Program for Private Companies
(aka get your company on the right track)

Summary description:
90 day program designed to assess your company’s financial health and effectiveness of the finance and business team and processes.  Develop priorities and action plans, and begin implementation working with your team.  Build financial momentum for your company.

Ultimate Outcome:
Clarity of company financial strengths and weaknesses.  Plan of attack for strengthening the company and initial momentum forward.

Features & Benefits:
Identify/clarify long term company objectives.  Review business model and current approach to pricing. Thorough review of financials and financial reporting.  Determine the primary metrics to measure and manage company performance.  Clear set of priorities and plan for improvement.  Initiate changes.


Financial Mentor Program
(aka financial and business advisor for leaders of  companies)

Summary description:
Program designed to help businesses achieve and strengthen financial health through expert guidance and counsel of your company’s business leaders.

Ultimate Outcome:
More effective decision making and confidence leading your company through a broad range of financial and business challenges.

Features & Benefits:
Regular meetings, access and support from an experienced financial professional with a strong track record of improving company’s financial strength.  Focus is primarily on the improving the effectiveness of the business owner’s leadership driving financial and business issues.