“Larry is a major asset to the company while costing a fraction of a full time CFO.”


Ajay Daga
Founder & CEO
Fishtail Design Automation Inc.



“Larry is outstanding in his natural ability to work with entrepreneurs.  He thinks strategically “outside the box” but not outside practicality.  He forms relationships with people that are genuine and long-lasting.”



Bronwen Fitzhugh
CEO & President
Fulcrum Dynamics, Inc.

Current and Past Clients

Below is a partial list of current and past clients Willeman Strategy Partners has served.

AlleyCat Networks Inc.
Start-up company in the video game industry.

Cascade ROI Inc.
Privately held Information Technology services provider.

Convergence Networks
Privately held Information Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP).

FishTail Design Automation Inc.
Start-up EDA software vendor.

FraudRX Inc.
Start-up company providing services to victims of identity theft.

Fulcrum Dynamics Inc.
Start-up Web publishing company.

Isite Design Inc.
Fast growing Digital services agency.

Mapping Solutions Inc.
Privately held software company.

NeoPad Inc.
Start-up supplier to semiconductor manufacturers.

Physicians’ Hospital LLC
Start-up Physician owned hospital.

Planar Systems Inc.
Publicly held manufacturer of electronic displays.

Spirit Media Inc.
Privately held Creative Services provider.

Sterling Communications
Privately held telecommunications system and services provider.

TDA Systems Inc.
Growth stage EDA software vendor.

Tenrec Inc.
Growth stage Digital services agency.

Teseda Corporation
Venture funded software and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) company.

Test Systems Strategies Inc.
Privately held software company serving the semiconductor industry.


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