“Larry played a critical role returning the company to consistent profitability and growth.  His ability to build a strong team and his interactions with key customers were essential to achieving our goals.  Larry is one of the most effective financial executives I have ever worked with.”



John DiGirolamo
Former President & CEO
Fluence Technology

How I Got My Start

While still a young boy, I grew up helping my father start and operate the family business. From those early years, I knew that business was my calling. After receiving Bachelors degrees in Economics and Business Finance, I joined a venture capital backed electronics manufacturer, Metheus Corporation and learned first hand how to operate within a venture environment. After leaving Metheus I joined Photon Kinetics, another Venture backed firm. After implementing a successful company-wide production and inventory management system I was recruited by Mentor Graphics Corporation.

During my time there, Mentor grew from an accelerating, red hot Wall Street darling into a mature industry leader. I held a wide variety of financial positions including Business Unit Controller and Project Manager responsible for integrating acquired companies.

My interest in helping emerging companies led me to Fluence Technology. As their Corporate Controller reporting to CEO John DiGirolamo, I was the “go to” guy for all key business issues. After 5 years and guiding several acquisitions, I left Fluence to launch Willeman Strategy Partners, Inc.

At Mentor Graphics and Fluence, I worked with a number of consultants including some from the premier consulting firms in the world. I came away feeling strongly that companies need pragmatic advice from experienced professionals that have “lived” the client’s challenges, My firm is targeted towards start up and growing businesses providing expertise in financial and business issues.

Willeman Strategy Partners continues to grow and provide counsel to numerous businesses, often in the role of Chief Financial Officer. Running my own business since 2002, and working day in and day out with a variety of companies continually adds to the wealth of experience I bring to each client engagement.

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