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Dima Smolyansky
TDA Systems, Inc.




“When we invest in companies it is critical they have either a part time or full time CFO to manage cash flow and provide the financial information and guidance needed for success.  Willeman Strategy Partners’ flexible model is ideal for many early stage companies.”



Eric Rosenfeld
Managing Partner
Capybara Ventures LLC

Real Life Examples of How I Have Helped Companies Just Like Yours

New Economy Growth Company

Larry joined a 5 year old “New Economy” company as part time CFO.  The company had experienced some revenue growth but no consistent profitability or cash-flow.  One partner was transitioning out of the business as were several team members.  There were significant customer satisfaction issues.  The leadership was inexperienced and had no reliable information or analysis to base decisions on.

Larry mentored the president through the partner and personnel transitions.  Established solid financial reporting and metrics.  Implemented a company-wide profit share plan and incentive comp plans for key contributors.  Implemented cash flow management processes that strengthened company liquidity and reduced bad debt close to zero.  Directly involved in negotiations on major transactions and secured investment incentives from the PDC on behalf of the company.

The company has achieved strong, consistent profitability and cash flow.  Revenue has quadrupled and continues to grow.  Company has achieved an eight figures valuation with no outside equity funding and has purchased their corporate headquarters.  The owner stated that they would have gone out of business without Larry’s guidance.


Software Spinout

Larry joined a company as part time CFO shortly after the technology and products had spun out of a larger company.  The company had an inexperienced leader, no team and no infrastructure.  The company did have a few existing customer relationships.

Larry partnered with the business owner to re-launch and build the company.  He mentored the business owner and helped recruit team members.  He was directly involved in major negotiations with customers.  Larry established all the financial processes and company metrics. The company transitioned revenue streams from perpetual software licensing to a recurring subscription model. Established incentive compensation plans for key team members.  Larry assisted in acquiring corporate headquarters real estate.

The company achieved strong, consistent profitability in the first year and beyond, and has been re-established as a solid industry player. Investments and growth were managed such that no outside funding was required and the company has a strong balance sheet. Successful investments in new products have established a strong product portfolio for current and future growth.


Technology Products & Services

Larry joined a 5 year old company as part time CFO.  The company had inexperienced leaders and the leadership team’s relationships had broken down.  The company had no accurate financial reporting and analysis, and was unable determine cost of goods sold or inventory values.

Larry established the financial function including monthly reporting and cash flow management. He implemented annual financial planning.  He provided financial leadership through a major industry downturn.  He provided stability and guidance through a CEO and ownership transition, and minority shareholder buyout.

The company has achieved strong, growing, record profitability with no outside investment.  The company has a strong balance sheet and a mid seven figures valuation.


Venture Capital Funded Startup

Larry joined a struggling VC funded company with significant negative cash flow.  The company had no financial leadership.

Larry implemented strong cash management policies and processes.  He was one the most trusted advisors to the CEO and BOD.  He had direct, extensive involvement with both VC and strategic investors before, during and after investment rounds.

The restructured company survived a major downturn in an industry where many companies did not survive.  The company is well positioned and improving in the industry upturn, and achieved their first profitable year in the history of the company.


Technology Software and Services Provider

Larry joined a company as part time CFO and advisor to the CEO.  The company was struggling during the downturn and had no usable financial information available to support decisions or metrics to guide the company’s economic decisions.

Larry developed tools to manage cash-flow and profitability.  He helped rebuild the team as players transitioned.  He worked with the business owner to define key metrics managing the company, and mentored the CEO.

The company has established consistent monthly profitability and positive cash-flow.  Net income swung from an annual loss to > 10% profitability in the second year.  The company has established momentum and is positioned to take advantage of opportunities in their market.


Medical Group

Larry joined the initial team to launch a Physician owned hospital as the interim CFO.

He helped hire and train the permanent financial team, led successful efforts to raise significant debt financing, created detailed financial projections and models used both to manage cash flow and raise funds. He also assisted in the preparation of the Private Placement Memorandum and equity fund raising.

During the six month project, the hospital went from an empty building with six employees to a licensed, funded, fully functioning hospital with more than one hundred employees.


Start-up Software

Larry joined the management team of a start-up, pre-revenue Software Company as the part time CFO. He participated in 2 successful rounds of fund raising; negotiated international distribution agreements; supported the companies selling efforts; handled a variety of legal issues working directly with outside legal counsel; and managed the company’s financial functions.

The company’s revenues are growing quickly, and the company has achieved consistent positive cash-flow and profitability.


Software Consolidation

Larry joined a software company as their Corporate Controller. The company had been created by product lines from 2 separate businesses. Larry built the team and created an efficient and effective infrastructure. He also played a critical role managing the company for consistent profitability and growth. He was the lead negotiator for major transactions with vendors, business partners and customers. He worked closely with the sales team and negotiated 2 of the largest deals (more than $1.0M each) in the history of the company.


Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Larry advised the executive team of a publicly held company regarding the priorities, issues and challenges to be expected while integrating a company they were acquiring. The integration became the most successful in company history and the product line became a strategic advantage. Previous acquisition integrations had not fared as well.


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